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Innovation is not a term frequently applied to the cookware category. There is something about tradition and ‘the way things have been traditionally done’ that resides in most peoples perceptions of pots and pans. Cook tops are a different matter, there we embrace innovation with gusto, eager to hear what the latest development in energy saving technology produces.
Well KNIndusties is about to break that mold. 
This company thrives, vies, and researches to achieve innovation, they work with world renowned designers to capture those innovations in physical expressions that are as intriguing to look at, as to use.
From non stick ceramic coating on aluminium, (with induction friendly stainless to come next year) to wooden pot handles, soft silicon pot lids and glass pasta pots, KNIndustrie embraces all that innovation and technological developments can off to this, the one area closer to our hearts than love….food and its preparation.

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